Who may request?

You, either as a data subject/citizen or as a representative of a personal information controller, may request an advisory opinion from the NPC when you have a concern about a privacy violation, personal data breach or matters related to personal data protection, or any other violation the Data Privacy Act and other NPC issuances that does not affect you personally or involve your personal data. Back To Top

How do I request?

The requesting party shall submit a letter request for the issuance of an advisory opinion, addressed to the Privacy Commissioner and Chairman. The letter request may be delivered to the NPC personally, or sent by direct or electronic mail. The following information shall be indicated in the letter request:
  1. Name, complete business or postal address, telephone and e-mail address of the requesting party;
  2. Novel issues, questions of law or matters and other legitimate concerns sought to be clarified or confirmed by the requesting party;
  3. A comprehensive narrative of the factual circumstances and legal bases of the request;
  4. An affidavit or certification that the subject of the request for advisory opinion is not a matter pending in a case in litigation before the courts, the NPC or is not subject of an ongoing investigation or compliance check; and
  5. All relevant documents and attachments that will enable the NPC to appropriately respond to the request.
The letter request shall not be required if the matter is endorsed by the CID under Rule II of NPC Circular No. 2016-04 Back To Top

When can I expect a response?

The advisory opinion shall be released to the requesting party not later than twenty (20) working days from date of receipt by the concerned division, unless the complexity and novelty of the subject matter requires a longer period of time for further evaluation. The requesting party shall be notified of the reason for the extension. Back To Top

Process Matrix

Want to know more about this service? Refer to NPC Circular No. 18-01 or the Rules of Procedure on Requests for Advisory Opinions which you may access here: Link