Empowering Youth Protection: Privacy Commissioner’s Full Support for Anti-OSAEC and CSAEM Act's IRR

The National Privacy Commission (NPC) wholeheartedly supports the issuance of the
Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) for the Anti-Online Sexual Abuse or Exploitation of
Children (OSAEC) and Anti-Child Sexual Abuse or Exploitation Materials (CSAEM) Act, also
known as the Anti-OSAEC and CSAEM Act. This legislation signifies a significant milestone in our
ongoing efforts to combat online sexual abuse and exploitation of children, as well as the
dissemination of child sexual abuse or exploitation materials.

The process of drafting the IRR for the Anti-OSAEC and CSAEM Act was commendably thorough
and inclusive. It entailed multi-sectoral consultations involving various stakeholders such as
children's groups, the private sector, the general public, and other organizations dedicated to
combating online sexual abuse and exploitation of children. This collaborative approach facilitated
invaluable dialogue and insights, undoubtedly contributing to the IRR's comprehensiveness and

The NPC acknowledges the importance of safeguarding the privacy and personal data of
individuals, particularly children, in today's digital era. Through our Youth Online Protection
Program, known as Kabataang Digital, we are fully committed to promoting online safety and
security among the youth.

We firmly believe that raising awareness and understanding of these legal instruments is crucial
for ensuring their successful implementation. As our nation progresses in the fight against online
sexual abuse and exploitation of children and child sexual abuse or exploitation materials, the
NPC, along with our Kabataang Digital Program, stands prepared to provide support, collaborate,
and engage with all stakeholders to accomplish the objectives outlined in the law.

Let us continue working together towards creating a safer and more secure digital environment for
our children, where their rights are upheld, their privacy is safeguarded, and their well-being
remains paramount.

Privacy Commissioner