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About Us Kabataang Digital The Kabataang Digital (KD) Campaign, with a theme of Matalino, Mapagmatyag, at Mapanuri, is an advocacy campaign under the PSST! Online that promotes safe online environment for the youth. It encourages data protection for children by enjoining school officials and parents in educating their children on appropriate digital citizenship, promoting safe choices, and elaborating the implications of the digital environment for children’s privacy rights.

Increase awareness on how they can exercise their data privacy rights.

Learn how to discern what an acceptable data collection from PICs and PIPs is.

Identify the types of information that can and cannot be shared online.

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Are you in for some fun and interesting games you can play with your friends? Learn more about data privacy and digital life through our games below!


KD Privacy Maze

Oh no! Which is the right path to the National Privacy Commission? Step into the KD Privacy Maze and trace your way towards the NPC logo. Be careful, though! One wrong turn can lead you to exits where online dangers are waiting.

Pick up a pink, purple, and blue pen for a maximum of three (3) tries. If third time’s still not the charm, it’s totally okay to start over!

(ask an adult to help you print another sheet)


We get it — school can be a drag sometimes. So let’s try a little ice breaker for you to know your classmates a little better! 25 tiles with 25 personal questions for you to answer.

Catch is, not all of them are meant to be shared! When it’s your turn to answer, you must first decide if it’s information that you should be telling other people. Instead, try to explain why you think the answer should be kept private. You got this! There are consequences if you answer by accident, though. Maybe a quick Tiktok dance in front of your classmates, perhaps? 🤭🙈


One look worth a thousand words 😊

This is a classic game where you have to guess what is shown in the drawing picture. You can write as many words, phrases, sentences as you can. You can also tell a story if you want. No rules, just make your words creative! By playing this game, you will be aware of what you should and should not post online. Ready?


KD Guess my word!

Are you a fan of word puzzle games? Then this KD Guess my Word is the right choice for you!

This will test your vocabulary as you will be asked to find a word from the anagram. Sounds easy enough, right? But if you are feeling brave, enable a time limit per each word for an added challenge. Game?


This game presents a treat for the eyes. Get familiar with the Kabataang Digital and Data Privacy icons through this game!

Find pairs of KD icons in a sea of random pictures and icons. Simply choose TWO tiles at a time, and if they’re not a match, flip them back and start over! Correct matches remain unturned and the game is finished once every tile is shown. How’s that for a fun afternoon activity?


Be an Advocate!

We envision a safe digital space for children where their data privacy is respected, and rights being protected. Protecting children online, not only requires government action but also the help of its citizens.

Tag our social media accounts when you see violations on children’s data privacy rights and share with us good practices using #KabataangDigital on your posts.

You can also raise awareness by using our stickers and frame on your personal accounts!


Spread awareness within your family and with your friends using our official Kabataang Digital Viber stickers! You can download the package thru this
Even a simple show of support can already raise awareness! Use our official Kabataang Digital Facebook Frame to let your friends know that you are a digital youth! Try it on you profile photo using this LINK.
Use the official Kabataang Digital wallpapers on your mobile or laptop to always keep in mind the 3Ms of being a Digital Youth!