NPC launches trainers’ training to expand ranks of data privacy experts

The National Privacy Commission (NPC) has launched its Training the Trainers Program (T3), accrediting ten institutional privacy trainers and three individual accredited privacy trainers to develop more data privacy experts and nurture a culture of privacy across the country.

“T3 will scale the number of trainings that can be administered, and it will promote a healthy competition among trainers, thereby setting higher standards that will benefit Data Protection Officer (DPO) aspirants,” Privacy Commissioner Raymund E. Liboro said at the virtual launch of the program held on October 18.

Quality training

“Through this program, Filipinos, no matter where they are, will have quality training services from our T3 partners. There will be no shortage of opportunities to learn more about the Data Privacy Act (DPA) and how these learnings can be applied to operational practices,” he added.

Under the T3 program, the NPC accredits trainers who have demonstrated the capacity, expertise, qualifications, and dedication to educate the public on key concepts and accurate interpretations of the DPA, its implementing rules and regulations, and other NPC issuances.

The accredited trainers will be given the opportunity to expand their knowledge on data privacy and be regularly guided by the NPC to ensure they are kept updated of emerging privacy concepts, trends, and developments.

Profiles to be published

Aside from comprehensive guidance, the NPC will support accredited partners by publishing their profile on the NPC T3 website and in newspapers of general circulation to affirm their legitimacy as trainers and to encourage DPO aspirants to tap their expertise.

With the T3 Program in place, Data Protection Officer (DPO)-trainers will be more equipped to fulfill their duties of enabling personal information controllers and processors to be DPA-compliant, and ensuring that privacy risks are mitigated in all their data processing activities.

“This will help Philippine companies, especially sectors that rely on cross-border data mechanisms, to be competitive compared to its peers in Europe and other jurisdictions that take data protection seriously,” said T3 Project Lead, Atty. Aurelle Dominic E. Narag.

Accredited partners

Institutional Privacy Trainers accredited by the NPC are the ADM & Partners; Center for Research and Communication Foundation Inc; Development Academy of the Philippines; Global Knowledge Philippines; People Management Association of the Philippines; Lights Consultancy, OPC (Lights Institute); Privacy Key Specialists PH, Inc; Straits Interactive Training and Services Inc; Yisrael Solutions and Training Center Inc; and Process Synergy, Inc.

The NPC accredited three privacy practitioners – Dr. Rolando R. Lansigan, Atty. Karl John A. Baquiran, and Atty. Kayzer Saba.

They were all awarded certificates of accreditation at the virtual launch on Monday.

DPO ACE expanded

By involving private sector partners, the T3 Program expands the scope of NPC’s ongoing DPO Accountability, Compliance, and Ethics Certification (DPO ACE) Program level 1.

The T3 partners will conduct trainings patterned after the DPO ACE level 1 curriculum, and they will prepare students to take and pass the DPO ACE level 1 Certification Examinations.

The status of their accreditation will hinge on their undertaking to train at leastthree hundred students per year, and a passing rate of 80% for their students who will take NPC DPO ACE certification examinations.

“The T3 program will increase the training standards of our partners who will be tested against their undertakings. Eventually your students will have to take DPO ACE examinations, and a percentage of them will have to pass for you to retain the recognition status” added Atty. Narag.

Liboro emphasized that the new program would help nurture privacy resilience in the country at a critical time of massive digitalization.

“As the Philippines pursues digitalization, the role of the NPC will be bigger. With all partners now under the T3 and our other programs, the ambition to reach more and train more, and build the capacities of privacy advocates and DPOs can be realized,” the Privacy Commissioner said.