Press Statement on the circulating video showing a child circumcision

It has come to the attention of the National Privacy Commission (NPC) that a video showing a child’s circumcision is circulating across social media platforms.

We strongly urge the public to avoid sharing such sensitive content, particularly when it involves minors, as it exposes them to potential cyberbullying and infringes upon their privacy and dignity. The unauthorized sharing of videos or images involving children not only violates their privacy rights, but it may also lead to serious psychological and social consequences.

If you encounter the video online, please report it to the platform administrators immediately. Most social media and video-sharing platforms have mechanisms in place to address and remove content that violates privacy standards.

Furthermore, we call upon healthcare providers to diligently remind parents and guardians taking pictures and videos of healthcare practices/operations on the importance of responsible social media usage.

The privacy and dignity of our children must be safeguarded at all costs. Let us uphold our responsibility in maintaining a safe and respectful online environment for everyone.