Statement of Privacy Commissioner John Henry D. Naga for the New Year 2022

As we enter another year, I encourage everyone to be one with the National Privacy Commission in championing the values of COURAGE, COMPASSION, AND INTEGRITY.

The internet is rife with cybercriminals taking advantage of users all year round. I urge organizations and individuals to constantly look out for and devise ways to lessen, if not eradicate, the threats and risks to the public’s data privacy. Ensure that there is adequate security in your data systems.

The National Privacy Commission vows to exhibit courage in going after malicious actors preying on innocent people’s personal data, promote compassion over each person’s data subject rights through the appropriate handling of their personal data, and perform our mandate with integrity through constant improvement of policies and systems at par with international data privacy standards.

With these three values as our touchstone, we can have a future where the balance of safeguarding data subject rights while ensuring the free flow of information thrives.

I wish everyone a happy and healthy 2022.

Privacy Commissioner