Stop Profiling and Red Tagging Pandemic Heroes

The National Privacy Commission denounces in the strongest terms any act of unjust profiling of community pantry organizers whom we consider heroes of this pandemic as this may violate their right to privacy. We have always been firm in our stand that unjust profiling activities are unwelcome due to the risks it entails to our citizens, such as discrimination and stereotyping.

It is for this reason that we express our grave concerns over the statement of Lieutenant General Antonio Parlade Jr. regarding Ms. Ana Patricia Non, likening her selfless act to that of Satan’s.

Labels like these are unnecessary when the people are struggling to find every means to survive in this pandemic.

The unwarranted profiling activities are being carried out against those organizing community pantries in aid of the less fortunate. Despite this good intention, they have been discouraged from continuing this activity because of red tagging.

It is during these trying times that we should not, by any means, fuel discrimination against anyone who has done nothing to deserve such. We must aim to build a united community driven by volunteerism with the genuine desire to help others and the needy.

Unjust profiling destroys the Filipino Bayanihan spirit.

Privacy Commissioner