Kabataang Digital 2023: NPC Raises Youth Awareness on Data Privacy and Online Safety

MANILA CITY – The National Privacy Commission (NPC), through its Public Information and Assistance Division (PIAD), has successfully conducted the Kabataang Digital (KD) Caravan and Young Privacy Advocates Annual Summit 2023, a data privacy advocacy campaign held from September to November 2023 held at various schools in Metro Manila.

The KD Caravan and Summit, with the theme “Matalino, Mapagmatyag, at Mapanuri,”visited more than 800 elementary and high school students from Gregorio Perfecto High School, Philippine Science High School, and Manila Central University. This campaign aims to provide basic knowledge on the implications of the digital environment related to children’s privacy rights and to promote online safety and age-appropriate use of online platforms and technologies.

Ms. Roren Marie M. Chin, PIAD Division Chief, highlighted the goal of the Kabataang Digital campaign to counter the growing concerns surrounding the online safety of Filipino children, "Every day, more Filipino children are accessing the internet, exposing themselves to potential dangers online. It is our collective duty to ensure that our children are equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the online world safely."

Ms. Chin announced that the NPC is actively gearing up for the KD Regional Caravan 2024, a comprehensive initiative set to cover various regions across the Philippines together with the Young Privacy Advocates Summit in November 2024. This campaign is projected to gather more than 1,000 youth participants from across the country.

Last September 2023, the KD campaign received international recognition by being shortlisted for the Global Privacy Assembly (GPA) Global Privacy and Data Protection Awards 2023 under the Education and Public Awareness Category.

Privacy Commissioner Atty. John Henry D. Naga said, "As Privacy Commissioner and a parent, promoting a safe online environment for our children is not just a professional commitment but a personal one as well. The Kabataang Digital campaign is an embodiment of our dedication to empower the youth with the sufficient knowledge and skills needed for responsible and secure online practices.”

“The recognition on the global stage reflects the importance of our continuing efforts in instilling responsible digital habits among the youth. This encourages us to persist in our endeavor to equip the younger generation with the right tools necessary for a secure and mindful digital presence," the Privacy Commissioner added.

The KD campaign has reached around 18,000 young individuals since its inception in 2019, aligning with the NPC’s mission of building a culture of privacy by involving the youth in privacy discussions.

For more information, visit https://privacy.gov.ph/kd.