In the exercise of its quasi-judicial function, the National Privacy Commission is authorized to receive complaints, institute investigations, facilitate or enable settlement of complaints through the use of alternative dispute resolution processes, adjudicate, award indemnity on matters affecting any personal information, prepare reports on disposition of complaints and resolution of any investigation it initiates, and, in cases it deems appropriate, publicize any such report.

NPC 23-015

In re: Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation

NPC 18-222

In re: Polytechnic University of the Philippines

NPC 18-142

In re: Smart Communications, Inc

NPC 18-120

In re: Dyna Drug Corporation

NPC 18-075

In re: Cebu Air, Inc.

NPC 18-073

In re: Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company, Inc.

NPC 18-046

In re: City Government of Iloilo-Internal Audit Services

NPC 18-019

In re: Ateneo de Zamboanga University

NPC 17-028 and NPC BN 18-180

In re: EasyTrip Services Corporation

NPC 17-010

In re: Movie and Television Review and Classification Board

NPC BN 18-033 and NPC BN 18-076

In Re: AIG Shared Services-Business Processing Inc. and AIG Shared Services Corporation – Management Services (ROHQ), and In Re: Medicard Philippines, Inc. - Festival Alabang Clinic

NPC BN 18-213

In Re: Manufacturers Life Insurance Co.

NPC BN 18-115

In Re: REMIT, Inc.

NPC BN 18-200

In Re: Cardinal Health International Philippines, Inc.

NPC BN 18-229


NPC 20-026

JBA v. FNT and NNT

NPC 22-012


NPC 22-180 and 22-181

DVL v. Alamat Crewsers Motorcycle Club and LAE v. Alamat Crewsers Motorcycle Club

NPC 18-037

In re: Acesite (Phils) Hotel Corporation

CID BN 17-020 & CID BN 17-029

In re: Breach Notification Report of Sun Life of Canada

NPC BN 18-085

In re: La Salle Greenhills School

NPC CDO 22-001

CID vs.

NPC BN 22-094

In re: Equicom Savings Bank

NPC BN 21-185

In re: Costa Crociere

NPC BN 18-006

In re: Business World Inc.

NPC BN 18-045

In re: University of the Philippines - Visayas

NPC BN 18-179

In re: ABS-CBN Corporation

NPC 21-010 to NPC 21-015

MVC, et al. v. DSL

NPC 19-030 and NPC 19-132

CL vs. DDZ and DM vs. DDZ

NPC 19-278

JO vs MSM, Inc.

NPC 19-909

In Re: FCASH Global Lending, Inc., Operating Fastcash Lending Application

NPC 19-438

RPR v.

NPC SS 19-001

In re: Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) - Passport Breach

NPC 16-004

CBP v. Orani Water District

NPC 21-086

RTV v. East West Banking Corporation

NPC BN 19-115

In re: Sun Life of Grepa Financial, Inc

NPC BN 18-069

In re: Professional Regulations Commission (PRC)

CID BN 18-086

In re: Tulay sa Pag-Unlad, Inc

NPC 18-038

FGP vs. Maersk Global Center Philippines, Ltd.

NPC 19-605

GMT vs Fcash Global Lending, Inc (Fast Cash)

NPC BN 17-048

In re: Social Security System

CID BN 17-034

In re: Breach Notification Report of Philippine National Bank (PNB)

NPC 18-010

RLA V. PLDT Enterprise

NPC BN 21-078

In re: Bombardier Transportation Philippines, Inc.

CID 18-K-200





MNLC vs PXXX Corporation

NPC BN 17-002

In re: Data Breach Involving the COMELEC Data Processing System in Wao, Lanao Del Sur

NPC BN 20- 049

In re: Health Delivery System, Inc.

NPC BN 18-223

In re: Hennes & Mauritz

NPC BN 18-186

In re: Manila Shared Services Employees Credit and Savings Cooperative

NPC 19-1201

D.N.T. v. K.K. et. al.

NPC BN 18-037

In re: Acesite (Phils.) Hotel Corporation

NPC BN 18-183

In re: Sun Life Canada (Phil.) Inc

NPC BN 17-038

In re: Tuitt Philippines

NPC BN 17-032

In Re: Social Security System

NPC BN 20-124

In re: E-Science Corporation

NPC BN 20-157

In re: Batangas Bay Carriers, Inc.

NPC BN 20-208

In Re: Commission on Elections (COMELEC)

NPC BN 20-157

In re: Batangas Bay Carriers, Inc.

CID BN 17-021

In re: Breach Notification Report of Sun Life of Canada

NPC 17-K-001


NPC BN 20-149

In re: National Privacy Commission

CID 17-K-004


NPC BN 17-025

In re: Jobstreet (formerly CID BN 17- 025)

NPC BN 18-217

In re: Infosys BPM-Philippines

NPC BN 20-141

In re: Home Credit Consumer Finance Philippines, Inc.

CID BN 19-067

In re: University of the East

CID BN 17-039

In re: Sun Life of Canada

NPC 16-005

N.I.H. vs WSQ Medical Center et. al.

CID BN 18-081

In re: Philippine Seven Corporation

NPC BN 20-170

In re: Travelpeople Ltd., Inc.

NPC BN 20-167

In re: TravelServices, Inc.

NPC BN 20-101

In re: De La Salle Health Sciences Institute (DLSHSI)

NPC BN 20-044


NPC 18-028

ANM vs MDMC Inc.

NPC 19-908

In re: Unipeso Lending Company, Inc.

NPC 19-528

MNLC vs PXXX Corporation


ODC vs. ODB & EA