NPC Takes Lead as the First Fee-Funded Secretariat of Global Privacy Assembly

The National Privacy Commission (NPC) has achieved another significant milestone with its appointment as the first Fee-Funded Secretariat of the Global Privacy Assembly (GPA). Following a unanimous vote by the GPA's Executive Committee, the NPC solidifies its position as a global leader in data privacy and protection by assuming this vital role within the GPA.

The GPA, first met in 1979 as the International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners, seeks to provide leadership at the international level in data privacy and protection. With over 130 data protection and privacy authorities worldwide, the GPA connects efforts and drives collaboration across the globe. At the 43rd Closed Session Resolution on the Future of the Conference, the GPA recognized the need for a funded and stable Secretariat to support the Executive Committee and membership as the GPA continues to modernize, develop its policy approach, and increase its global influence. The application for the Fee-Funded Secretariat opened on November 29, 2022 until February 24, 2023.

The NPC’s commitment to the GPA is evident through its active participation and contributions since its membership in 2016. From 2018 to 2020, the NPC served as one of the GPA's Executive Committee, actively addressing challenges faced by privacy regulators. In 2020, it led the GPA COVID-19 Taskforce, driving practical responses to privacy issues arising from the pandemic. Additionally, the NPC chaired the Global Privacy Assembly Working Group on COVID-19 related Privacy and Data Protection Issues. The NPC was also instrumental in ensuring that the Working Group’s work continue beyond its one-year mandate with its sponsorship of the Resolution on Data Sharing for the Public Good during the 43rd Global Privacy Assembly. Furthermore, the NPC serves as a GPA Observer to the International Standardization Organization (ISO) and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), significantly elevating the NPC's global profile and influence in these organizations.

With these substantial contributions, the NPC has demonstrated its expertise, dedication, and leadership in the field of data privacy and protection. Its appointment as the first Fee-Funded Secretariat of the Global Privacy Assembly reflects the international recognition of its capabilities and the trust placed in its ability to support the GPA in advancing global data privacy and protection efforts.

Privacy Commissioner Atty. John Henry D. Naga proudly stated, “This decision underscores the NPC's exceptional dedication to upholding global privacy standards and solidifies our pivotal role in shaping the future of privacy governance on a global scale. As the NPC takes on this position, we embrace the responsibility of driving impactful initiatives and fostering collaborative efforts among privacy regulators worldwide.”

“The NPC's appointment as the Fee-Funded Secretariat is a notable accomplishment in our journey to champion privacy rights and global collaboration. With our enhanced role, the NPC is well-positioned to contribute significantly to the GPA's mission of advancing privacy protection globally,” he added.

As the Fee-Funded Secretariat, the NPC will undertake various functions, including information management, support and liaison work, communications/publicity campaigns, and coordination of the GPA Open Session Liaison with the Host Authority. Additionally, the NPC will oversee the organization of the GPA Closed Session and the prestigious GPA Global Privacy and Data Protection Awards.