Guidelines on Individual Professional DPS Registration

  • Individual Professional
  • STEP 1: Account Creation

    Access the National Privacy Commission Registration System [NPCRS] at

    Upon signing up, the Individual Professional shall input his or her name and contact details as the de facto Data Protection Officer (DPO) together with his or her a unique and dedicated email address. [*Official DPO Email]

    STEP 2: Registration Proper
    1. Login using credential
    2. - Select Type of DPO/DPS Registration

    3. During registration proper, the Individual Professional shall:

      1. Indicate his or her principal business address, profession, and PRC, Roll, or Government ID number.
      2. Encode details of all Data Processing System of the Individual Professional at the time of initial registration.
      3. Confirm the declaration statement and affix or upload signature.
      4. Click “Create Registration”

    NOTE: The submissions of the Individual Professional, as a PIC or PIP shall undergo review and validation by the Commission. In case of any deficiency, the Individual Professional shall be informed of the same and shall be given five (5) days to submit the necessary requirements.

    STEP 3: Download Certificate of Registration and NPC Seal of Registration

    Once the submissions have been validated and considered complete, the Individual Professional shall be informed that the Certificate of Registration together with the NPC Seal of Registration is available for download.


    *All are required to use an Official DPO email address, not personally identified with the person of the appointed DPO but with the position of DPO (i.e. [email protected]).

    The DPO email address should be unique per PIC/PIP.

    The email address and Philippine cellphone number you provide will be treated as your official contact channels.